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FX Keep a Tyrant On-Air
FX has announced the renewal of drama series Tyrant this week, revealing that the series will be back for a second season. It was confirmed that the show has been given a total of 13 new episodes under its renewal, with aims to premiere them at an unconfirmed point in 2015, according to network executive Nick […]
South Park Launches Season 18 At Trollingest Time
The NFL on Sunday. Your team is playing out a close 4th quarter with victory or defeat either side of a very fine line. A routine commercial break occurs… and you see the face of Eric Cartman making a mockery of your team’s name. For fans of the Washington Redskins franchise, this is pretty much […]
Netflix Coming To Linux OS
Netflix has historically always been missing from Linux open source operating systems which power a large number of PC’s as well as running on Android and Roku hardware. But now that has changed. For running in browsers Netflix has previously used the Microsoft Silverlight media player, and Microsoft do not support open-source operating systems. But […]

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